Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby walk

Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby walk with route map

7 mile linear walk in North Yorkshire

Time: We were walking for 4 hours including a number of breaks

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One of my latest walks took me to the North Yorkshire Coast, although this is reasonably close to where I live I had not yet visited this coastline and I know I will be a regular now. We drove late in the evening to our hostel realising we were in for a very wintery coastal trip as the roads were beginning to ice over. The sky was so clear, we could see hundreds of stars, even whilst driving. Turns out you can’t park right outside the hostel so we walked / ice skated down to the hostel by the sea!

            Where to stay:

  • We stayed at YHA Boggle Hole where you can often get good deals especially mid-week and a 10% discount if you become a YHA member which only costs £5 per year. Please note if staying at YHA Boggle Hole you will have to walk an extra 20 minutes to and from Robin Hood’s Bay on this route.
  • There are numerous B&Bs in both Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay

We woke early to begin the walk along the coastal path from where we were staying to Whitby. We quickly approached a view over Robin Hood’s Bay (photo below). I have wanted to visit here for ages and felt very peaceful as we strolled through the small streets to join the Cleveland Way path.

Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby walk

The morning light did not disappoint over the horizon as we started to turn a corner over this view as we head north towards Whitby. Dont forget to look backwards to enjoy the views from both directions along the way. 

Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby walk

The walk was not particularly challenging apart from a few descents and ascents along the way. The wind was very strong and the footpaths at times icy and muddy which made the walk more challenging. The path follows the Cleveland Way, a 109 mile long distance walking trail which leads from Helmsley to the brigg at Filey…… yes I was contemplating this whole path for next summer …. !

As we continued North we approached a picturesque lighthouse in the distance. I learnt afterwards that you can actually stay at the cottages at the lighthouse which are called Galatea cottages. 

Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby walk

Soon after, we started to see Saltwick Bay in the distance and the tide was out so we went for an explore down the steps opposite the holiday park.

Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby walk

With now only one mile to go until reaching Whitby, we were nearing the end of the walk. The walk goes directly past Whitby Abbey before heading down the steps into the town (picture below taken at the top of the steps). There is plenty to explore in Whitby – shops, cafés, fish and chips and the beach. After a wander around, we caught the bus back to Robin Hood’s Bay allowing us to do a linear walk.

Bus Route X93 runs frequently between Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby.   


Navigation and safety: When navigating I used the OS map app premium subscription which allows me to follow the route on my phone and it shows me my location so that I know that I am on the right path. I have personally always found this very reliable but carry a paper map with me as well just in case. There are many other hiking / map apps available but a paper map and compass is always a great option. On this walk, signposts alone will not be sufficient in being able to complete the walk.

Please note this is my experience of the walk on this day. Always check the weather forecast including the wind speed to ensure it is safe. I always recommend wearing hiking shoes / boots and not trainers on all of my walks.

The weather can change very quickly. Be aware of the footpaths that go inland if conditions on the coast path become unsafe. There are numerous footpaths heading back inland throughout the walk but still remote sections in between. Always carry a waterproof, spare layers, plenty of food and water. After all isn’t a selection of snacks the best part of the walk?

Places to explore nearby:

  • Whitby Abbey
  • Falling Foss Waterfall and Tea Garden
  • Cycle along the Cinder Track between Whitby and Scarborough 

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